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Madhur Bhushan (Madhur Brij Bhushan)

About Celebrity :

Madhur or Madhur Bhushan is an actress and the youngest sister of the late actress Madhubala who was introduced as the main female lead in 1976 opposite Vikram and Kabir Bedi in Saanjhi. The film never got released but subsequently acted in Sangdill (1981) opposite actor Vikram which was produced by her real-life husband and filmmaker Brij Bhushan.

Real Name : Zahida Begum Dehlavi
First Released Film : Kissaa Kursee Kaa (1977)
Last Released Film : Sangdill (1981)
Relatives / Family : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Delectus, quod. Nihil atque voluptas soluta harum laborum tempora distinctio perferendis accusamus in accusantium. Quibusdam.


Star Cast (1) : Sangdill (1981),
Director (0) :
Producer (0) :
Story (0) :
Screenplay (0) :
Dialogues (0) :
Music (0) :
Lyrics (0) :
Playback Singers (1) : Kissaa Kursee Kaa (1977),
Cinematographer (0) :
Editor (0) :
Choreographer (0) :
Action (0) :
Sound (0) :
Production Designer (0)
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