Be it behind or in front of the camera, you can search from over 40,000 Bollywood celebrity profiles from our database. You can find your favourite yesteryear or current Bollywood celebrity profiles and images along with their date of births, real names, roles, first and last released films, filmography and all other details, right here. You can use the search option by entering celebrity name(s) or alphabets to fetch them....

Our Bollywood celebrity database is growing by the day where you get the top 10 Bollywood actors from various era’s beginning from Prithviraj Kapoor to a current lot of popular Bollywood heroes and villains. We would like to believe that we haven’t missed out on any of the Bollywood celebrities or personalities who have worked in front or behind the camera. As far as we are concerned for us a celebrity is he or she whose names have appeared on screen in the credits. Some may have not been credited while some names were soon forgotten who appeared in the silent era or beginning of the talkie era.

Our continuous efforts to keep our Hindi movie database updated and exhaustive is expected to lead to becoming the biggest Hindi movie database or the largest Hindi movie database on the net. Our comprehensive database doesn’t just include the top 10 Bollywood actresses but also the top 10 Bollywood villains of each and every era. We also would like to invite you to take a look at the top 10 Bollywood female stars who graced the silver screen and mesmerized us with their charm and eternal beauty and overall, the top 10 Bollywood stars of all time who ruled cine-goers hearts since the inception of Bollywood in 1913.

There have also been top 10 Bollywood directors era-wise as well as all-time top 10 Bollywood directors which would be debatable but do have them covered for you. If we have mentioned the top 10 Hindi movie directors then how can the top 10 Bollywood music composers or should we say top 10 Bollywood music directors, be left behind. Our Hindi movie music directors have continuously churned out excellent tunes to suit every situation and every mood of humanity, that’s the reason why Bollywood music and Bollywood songs are heard in every nook and corner of the world.

Coming to the top 10 Bollywood lyricists, yes, it's very hard to decide on that as every lyricist had his or her own style of playing with words and coming up with songs that have enthralled many of us. If we take a look at the top 10 Bollywood male playback singers or top 10 Bollywood female playback singers then each one would owe their success to our Bollywood music directors and lyricist who made it happen.

We have succeeded in taking our Hindi celeb database to the next level which also comprises the top 10 Bollywood choreographers and all those dance directors including male dance directors and female dance directors who made our stars dance to their tunes. Another segment of celebrities who work untiringly is our cameramen of which you can also get to know the top 10 Bollywood cinematographers of all time who made every film look a masterpiece.



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