Posted on: 11 Oct 2021 | Time: 00:00


Famous Female Celebs Born In October

Final Answer:   

( Hint: Made Her Acting Debut In 'Yaariyan' In 2014 )

How To Play 'Jumble'?

  • ‘Jumble’ games are categorized into Easy, Medium and Tough levels with every correct answer in Easy fetching you 10 Mints, Medium fetching 20 Mints while Tough fetching 30 Mints, respectively
  • To get started click on the ‘Jumble’ thumbnail game you wish to play
  • Each ‘Jumble’ game features a set of celeb names or movie titles in a jumbled or scrambled format
  • You need to unscramble and enter them correctly in the boxes provided below each jumbled word
  • Each correctly unscrambled ‘Jumble’ will be denoted by a ‘√’ mark besides it automatically
  • The highlighted alphabet boxes in each ‘Jumble’ will thereon appear automatically in a jumbled format above the final answer box
  • Once all the jumbled words are answered correctly, you need to rearrange the highlighted alphabets in the empty boxes to get the final answer after reading the ‘Hint’ below
  • The final answer again could either be of a celeb name, movie title or song
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button on completion of the ‘Jumble’ to check your Mints/Time and Score
  • All correct answers in a ‘Jumble’ game including the final answer will double your Mints earned from that game
  • After clicking ‘Submit’ button you cannot play the same ‘Jumble’ game again