Match Points   





Posted on: 18 Oct 2021 | Time: 00:00


How To Play 'Match Point' ?

  • ‘Match Point’ games are categorized into Easy, Medium and Tough levels with every correct answer in Easy fetching you 10 Mints, Medium fetching 20 Mints while Tough fetching 30 Mints, respectively
  • To get started click on the ‘Match Point’ thumbnail game you wish to play
  • Each ‘Match Point’ features two columns where you need to drag and drop the right-side column images / texts into the vacant boxes in between to pair or match them with the correct respective image or text provided in the first column
  • You can change or shuffle the matches any number of times you wish before submission
  • All correct matches in a ‘Match Point’ will double your Mints earned from that game
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button on completion to check your Mints/Time and Score
  • Once you click the ‘Submit’ button you cannot play the same ‘Match Point’ game again