The best way to get started on earning Mints. You can always try some of these simple as well as not so simple questions with four options to choose the right answer and get a hang of things before trying our other games and puzzles. Mints earned here can come in handy while topping the leader board.

Mixed Bag   

Posted on: 01 Jan 1970 | Time:

Score : 505


How To Play 'Mixed Bag'?

  • Click on the ‘Start’ button to play ‘Mixed Bag’
  • In ‘Mixed Bag’ questions will appear one after another with multiple options to choose the right answer from
  • The right answer will be denoted by a green colour whereas the wrong answer will be denoted in red
  • Every correct answer will fetch you 5 Mints whereas a wrong answer will fetch no Mints
  • On completion of the questions your earned Mints and time taken will be added to your final score
  • You can play ‘Mixed Bag’ and attempt as many questions as you like and leave them midway to play them later anytime