What is BollyMints?
BollyMints is an application that capitalizes on the repository of Hindi film industry (Bollywood) by creating user engagements that are entertaining, informative and materially rewarding. As of now, the application is available as a web portal, which functions with a web-based backend for service/content management.
What does BollyMints mean?
‘Bolly’ is the short form for Bollywood while ‘Mints’ are the points that users earn or collect while playing our quizzes, games and puzzles.
What does the tagline suggest?
BollyMints.com’s tagline reads as ‘Baazi Film-ilm Ki’, which means that it is a challenge thrown open to test your film ‘ilm’ (knowledge) on Bollywood or Hindi films.
What does BollyMints consist of?
BollyMints consists of a knowledge repository where you can find informative articles, trivia’s, movie as well as celebrity profiles of Bollywood and various interactive gaming features that help you take up challenges and test your IQ on Bollywood.
How does one get started with it?
It is simple, just login with any of your Google or Facebook account to get started with our brainteasers.
How many games can I play at a time or in a day?
Well, it’s up to you how many you can handle at a time but it’s advisable to play one at a time to earn maximum Mints. You can play as many games/puzzles as you like in a day, there is no restriction.
Is there any criteria attached to these categories?
No, you can play any game or try any category you wish to at any given point or time. The only difference are the Mints you earn from the games.
How do I know when a new game or puzzle is added?
We notify you as and when a new game or puzzle has been added. Do click on the notification button while signing up.
Are there any levels?
Yes, we have 3 levels – the Third level has 1,00,000 Mints to earn on crossing which you get to play the Second level that has 2,50,000 Mints. Once you earn these many Mints you qualify for the First level which will help you to be among the top Minters on BollyMints.com.
Why do you have these levels?
We have defined levels on BollyMints for the simple reason that we wanted the very best to compete and take away goodies whenever it happens. To gauge how good a user knows and understands Bollywood and how serious he or she is to take up our challenges is also the objective to have levels. There is no greater feeling like competing with the best and topping the leader board.
What if I come across an answer that is incorrect while playing any of your games or puzzles?
Though we try our best to keep every user engagement and information updated and error free on our site but in case you face any such issue you can surely bring this to our notice. All you need to do is click on the Feedback form and mention the correct answer or information with reference to the page link and other specific details. We’ll be more than happy to rectify and correct ourselves.
What do I do with the Mints earned?
Well, the more you play and answer correctly you end up earning more Mints which lead you to top the leader board. We plan to incorporate a system later where users can redeem their earned Mints and take home some goodies. We’ll surely notify you as and when we incorporate it.
Will my Mints still be valid when you incorporate the points redeem system?
Absolutely, your Mints will be very much valid, and you will not have to start afresh.
I don’t have a BollyMints account; do I need to have one to play these games?
It is mandatory to sign up through you Google, Facebook or any other account to play our games to start earning Mints for yourself, as this will later help you to redeem them in the future.
Can I change my Username of profile pic?
Your username and profile pic will reflect as it is displayed in your FB or Google accounts. However, it is always advisable to have your latest profile pic along with your real name for identity and to avoid any sort of confusion.
How do I delete my account?
We can’t imagine anyone leaving us but if you wish to do so, drop us a line and we’d take care of it for you.
Can I contribute a Quiz, Crossword, Jumble, Match Point or any other feature on Bollymints?
For the time being, we don’t have a ‘User Contribution’ tab or page but surely plan to have one in the future as and when our user base expands.
Is BollyMints.com limited to only the available features?
We believe that a good start is half the battle won. For the time being we have tried to display these features with a promise that our users can look forward to more interesting and brain wrecking features in the future. We’ll keep you informed.
What if I find a bug or a wrong information on BollyMints.com?
We are human too and are bound to falter despite our best efforts. We’ll be more than happy if you could find a bug or any information that is not updated or true to our knowledge. All you need to do is click on the Feedback form and we’ll surely try to rectify it.