Fill Me’s make you a part of our Bollywood quiz games bonanza. Another puzzle game that might not surprise you a bit but nevertheless will test your Bollywood ‘gyaan’ and love for Hindi film music. So, let’s get first things first and ask ourselves what makes Fill Me’s special and intriguing? Well, if we try recalling our childhood all were given was to fill in the blanks and complete the sentence. Sometimes we were given multiple options to choose from to fill in the right word to complete the sentence which was all the more exciting. This was enough for us to get going and come up with a straight and simple game of Fill Me’s which is unique by itself among Bollywood fun games and other similar puzzles or brainteasers.

Fill Me Is More Than Just Filmy

Playing Fill Me’s may yet again look simple at times but trust us it’s not. If we list out Bollywood trivia quizzes and a game like fill-in-the-blanks is not catered to then you are missing out on an important section of audiences who may only enjoy playing these types of Bollywood quiz games online. What makes this type of puzzle game invigorating is that it takes you to a level where you cannot put a foot and need to guess and fill all blanks correctly. If at all there was any system-generated game that gives a run for your money it’s got to be this game. Don’t believe us, try out for yourself and decide whether it was a cakewalk or not. Fill Me’s can be the starting point for many of us who may not be die-hard Hindi movie buffs but have a fair idea of Bollywood. We can even get our children guessing some of the dialogues, songs, and antara’s that we have created for you. And, don’t surprise if they beat you hollow in this as well as any other games.

What Is A ‘Fill Me’?

Like we mentioned Fill Me’s is a simple game of guessing a dialogue, mukhda or antara taken from any Bollywood movie. All you need to do is brush up your Bollywood knowledge and go down memory lane and try recalling some of the famous iconic dialogues and melodies created by our Bollywood geniuses over the years and you are ready to take on the world of Fill Me’s. In brief, Fill Me’s is a game where you need to concentrate and click the right alphabets one by one to max it. So, all the Bollywood movies you have watched and memorized the songs and dialogues will come in handy here for sure.

For example, a Fill Me's game with a title like ‘Dilip Kumar’s Evergreen Tragic Line’ which falls in the dialogue category gives you a clue or hint to guess. All you need to do is once you decide to play the game you open it and start clicking the alphabets below the blank spaces, we have provided you one by one, carefully. This is a chance for you to warm up and get a feel of things to come ahead because nothing is better than when you are on song. 

How To Play ‘Fill Me’s?

Playing Fill Me’s is simple and very easy. Firstly, you need to ‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up for FREE' in case you haven’t on, click on the Fill Me game thumbnail you wish to play which could either be a dialogue, mukhda or antara. Each game title has a clue based on which you have to guess the correct answer. Use the alphabets below the blanks very carefully and diligently or else you might miss a chance by clicking on the wrong alphabet. Each game will give you five chances and if you miss all of them you get eliminated. Once you have filled in all the blank spaces click on the ‘Submit’ button after which you’ll get a display of your results, Mints, and time taken for the game. We advise you to kindly read the ‘How To Play Fill Me’s rules displayed on the main game page pop-up before getting started. 

How Does A ‘Fill Me’ Work? 

Fill Me needs no explanation as we mentioned above that each game is a dialogue, mukhda or antara which is filtered under three play levels that include – Easy, Medium & Tough. Each Fill Me gives you five missed chances to guess the right answer, in case you miss all five chances you automatically get eliminated from the game resulting in no Mints gained. Get started by playing a game that you feel you can solve easily after which there’ll be no looking back for sure.

Tips To Play ‘Fill Me’s

Playing Fill Me’s can be fun and addictive as well. It can serve as a stepping stone to try other games and enjoy solving most of the puzzles the Bollywood way. Try following these 3 simple tips before getting started:

1.    Try guessing the dialogue, mukhda or antara from the title itself if not do quick initial research on the net before clicking on the game thumbnail

2.    Try updating yourself with the basic and latest happenings in Bollywood and its people

3.    Take your pick of dialogues, mukhda’s or antara’s before getting started on any game, if mukhda’s are your forte then try taking a shot at them first

Fill Me could just be what the doctor ordered. Get going, this could be the icing on the cake as far as Bollywood quiz games go!

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