Match Points is a part of Bollywood quiz games probably stand out in a volley of puzzles or brainteasers. Match Points don’t just test your knowledge of Bollywood but also showcases how well you are equipped to Bollywood movies and their personalities. As schoolkids, each one of us has played Matching column games where we were asked to match each item in a column to their respective pair in the other column. Matching the column was sheer fun as many of us used to look forward to the same in our examinations too. In order to keep you hooked on Bollywood fun games, we have come up with the Match Points games which again have been created with utmost care to enhance user experience.

Matching Can Be Fun & Satisfying

Yes, Matching can be fun and very satisfying if you have played such Bollywood trivia quizzes in your life or online. With most of us entangled in our daily office and house chores, one may not get the time to play Bollywood quiz games online but to relieve yourself of all the stress and tension there cannot be a better game than Match Points. Match Points are designed for different types of users and players who like playing a variety of games without getting bogged down. That’s the reason why we have read our audience’s mind and offering Match Points of namely four varieties which are – Image to Image, Image to Text, Text to Text, and Text to Image. And not to forget each game has a specific theme to it that makes playing and cracking it more interesting. In order to make games more interesting, we look forward to your feedback which is crucial for our success. With users’ attention span getting lesser by the day, we aim to improve every game that we offer to make the user experience memorable.

What Is A ‘Match Point’?

Let’s not waste time explaining what is Match Points after writing the above content. Match Points is the next best game you could have expected from us which is set to rejuvenate you. The game is nothing but matching the right column image or text box items to their respective left column image or text box items. In short Match Points game is a puzzle game that you cannot afford to miss or ignore even if you are not a Bollywood movie buff. Just connect and play on using your memory and aiming for a double. Match Points may look easy but requires a lot of concentration and skill to max it. For those who haven’t played Match Points ever or have forgotten it, here’s a simple example that help you get started.

For example, if we created a Match Points game which is titled ‘Anupam Kher And His Various Avatar’s then the left column will have the actor's images in various on-screen getups while the right column will have the titles of his movies. All you need to do is match each movie title to his respective getup in the left column one by one. Get started and you’ll hardly take time off for anything else. 

How To Play ‘Match Points’?

Playing the Match Points game is very easy. Firstly, you need to ‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up for FREE' in case you haven’t on Bollymints, click on the Match Points game thumbnail you wish to play. Get started by dragging and dropping the right column item images into the respective empty boxes displayed in between both the columns. Once you have finished matching them to their respective item images click on the ‘Submit’ button after which you’ll get a confirmation of your results, Mints, and time taken for the game. It is always advisable to read the rules carefully by clicking on the ‘How To Play Match Points’ button displayed on the main game page pop-up before getting started. 

How Does A ‘Match Point’ Work? 

As mentioned above, the Match Points game too is based on a certain algorithm that offers users to play levels which include – Easy, Medium & Tough. Each Match Points game is designed with the objective of matching an item in one column with its pair in the second column. Each item in a column can be a text or image which you can match. The user identifies the matching pair by just dragging and dropping the right column items into the vacant boxes provided between the two columns to match a pair correctly one by one. You can adjust and alter the items as per your wish till you feel that you have got it right. Try going for a Match Points game and you’ll realize what we mean.

Tips To Play ‘Match Points

Playing Match Points is fun and an easy way to visually enjoy solving a puzzle the Bollywood way. This is a good way to capitalize on before playing other big games. If you have been following Bollywood for a long time, things can be easier getting all matches right but in case you are relying more on guesswork then the going could become tough. Nevertheless, here are 3 tips that we would like to share with you where Match Points are concerned:

1.    As usual do quick initial research after reading the topic or the title of the Match Points game displayed on the landing page which you wish to play

2.    Try updating yourself with the basic and latest happenings in Bollywood and its people

3.    Try playing the easy ones before getting on to the tough ones and do refer to the net if you do not know the right match

Focusing on the Match Points game can be refreshing at times. With most of the games not consuming much of your time it’ll always a good idea get all correct rather than save on time and get a few wrong matches. So, think no further and make the most with this type of game to turn around things for yourself because the combination of passion and pleasure can be lethal!

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