Many of us have grown up looking forward to and liking the weekly Sunday crosswords that appeared in the local newspapers. Most of us made it a habit while many of us improved our spelling and vocabulary in the process. Crossword puzzles are ideal for people who loved guessing the right words and test their problem-solving skills. Studies have proved that Crossword puzzles are good for our brain which helps improve our memory and reasoning skills. It is also suggested that people who play crossword puzzles on a regular basis are more likely to have a sharper brain than others in later life.

To retain the fun of solving a Crossword especially clues related to or based on Bollywood gave us the reason to come up with the best selection of high-quality, free online crossword puzzles. With this, we are all set to keep you hooked and spell-bound with the latest and greatest Crossword fun games that not only will test your knowledge of Hindi movies and their people but also help you score huge Mints on a regular basis. You can even see how you have performed and challenge yourself to keep on improving.

Crosswords Are A True Test Of A Champion is out with some exclusive Bollywood Crossword game that challenges our users! The common problem with most online crosswords is that they offer one size which fits all. This is why we have set up our online Crossword puzzles in such a way that our users can choose from generic and exclusive ones across different levels of difficulty.

So, what are you waiting for? Join tens of thousands of people now and play our collection of online crossword puzzles right away! No registration is required, all you have to do is sign-up for FREE and get started on our Crossword games that’ll help you leap ahead of others in no time and top our leader board.

What Is A Crossword Puzzle?

Solving crossword puzzles or knowing how a Crossword puzzle works is very important whether you are playing and solving a printable crossword puzzle, or a free online crossword puzzle on your mobile phone. A crossword is a rectangular grid that comprises multiple rows and columns made of empty white and black squares. All you need to do is fill in the white boxes by entering the correct answers to the clues given in the ‘Across’ and ‘Down’ set of columns. Some of the squares in the grid comprise numbers that belong to the respective clues to help you fill the correct answer in the right squares.

How To Play Crossword Puzzles?

Be it tough or easy, Crossword puzzles are the perfect way to put your vocabulary skills and logical thinking to the test. If you’re new to crossword puzzles or looking to try your first crossword puzzle then it’s important to spend a bit of time learning how to play them. Though we do tell you in a brief way how to play Crosswords below in a pop-up for our user's benefit we are more than happy to share this process.

Playing our free online crossword puzzles has been made very easy for beginners as well as experts:

1. Start by choosing your favourite Crossword puzzle game by clicking on it

2. Read the ‘Across’ and ‘Down’ clues carefully and plan a strategy on how to go about solving them if you don’t have one

3. Get started by entering the answers for the ‘Across’ or ‘Down’ clues in the empty cells provided

4. Once attempted and done with all clues click on the ‘Submit’ button to check your Mints earned for the game

Note: Getting all clues correct in the game will fetch you double Mints

By following the above steps, you can start, enjoy, and complete online crossword puzzles in no time.

What Clues Are Displayed In The Crossword Puzzle?

It’s always advised to read each clue carefully before entering them. The ‘Across’ and ‘Down’ clues are a type of hints that are given to help you guess the correct answers. These clues may be easy or hard depending on how well you know Bollywood which again may be classified into two categories - direct crossword clues and indirect crossword clues. These clues are of Bollywood movies, celebrities, songs, dialogues, synonyms, and terms related to Hindi movies.

Tips To Play Crosswords

You can follow these 3 tips before getting started on playing any crossword puzzles on our website:

1: Pick and choose the right Crossword Puzzles

We have listed a good number of crossword puzzles to suit every age group. Check all the crossword games levels, categories and titles carefully before getting started. Choosing the right game will help you solve it easily and quickly. So, check diligently our list of free online crossword puzzles which you feel will be comfortable with.

2: Read all clues carefully while playing Crossword Puzzle

Don’t feel upset about missing out on the correct answer, you can always take time to answer the clues. In case of doubt or not knowing the answer to a crossword puzzle, we recommend using the internet or our site to help you find answers.

3: Try answering all clues correctly than aiming for a double

Set yourself up by trying some of the ‘Easy’ level games before going with the ‘Tough’ level Crossword Puzzles. It's always advisable to score a ‘double’ within your capacity than rush in to submit the game to topple someone on the leader board. Set up a strategy that will help you fetch most Mints.

If solving crossword puzzles is your forte which puts your Bollywood ‘gyaan’ to test then this could just be the perfect challenge you were looking for. With various types of crosswords varying from easy to tough, all our crosswords are updated continuously to make your gaming experience exciting and enjoyable.

Good luck & happy solving!

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