Hi - 5 is yet another interesting brainteaser game that we offer, which tests your aptitude for Bollywood personalities and movies that have left a mark in the audience’s mind. To continue with the legacy of Bollywood quiz games we thought of developing this game which primarily makes you sit and think and come up with the right answer. Designed closely on the heels of the ‘twenty questions’ game where a contestant’s answer is guessed by the experts by asking twenty questions or less. If the experts fail to guess the right answer the contestant walks away with a prize. In order to make it more interesting and keeping a user’s attention span in mind, we have come up with Hi - 5, a game that not just makes you guess but also touches upon certain trivia on Bollywood celebrities and movies.

It's All About Guessing

Talk about Bollywood Fun games and the guessing game turns out to be a favorite with many, especially when you are with a group of friends but this can serve as a single user too because it is for the fast and furious. Playing this game can set the tone for other games as well and heat up the competition quickly! Yes, the Hi – 5 game is all about testing and hitting the bullseye by guessing the right answer. This is a game that is designed to really test how good are you with Bollywood Trivia Quizzes where you need to identify the celebrity's name or the movie title with the help of ‘5’ given clues or hints. This could well be one of the best fun games you have played or tried out in recent years.

What Is A ‘Hi - 5’?

Well, if you feel you have liked Jumble then Hi – 5 is the next best game you could have asked for. Bollywood quiz games online have undoubtedly gone to a different level. In order to understand what is a Hi – 5 game all we can say is that it’s a puzzle game where you’ll be given five clues within which you need to answer the hidden Bollywood celebrity name or movie title. Not hard at all. Each clue is listed one below the other with a space to enter your answer. Each clue has respective Mints attached to it which you fetch only upon answering the right answer. This game may sound easy but requires a lot of concentration to connect up the clues and max it. Playing a Hi – 5 game may not fetch you as many Mints as other games but surely can be fun and exciting.

For example, if we have thought of Salman Khan as the answer then there will be five clues related to the actor within which you need to guess and enter the celebrity’s name correctly. The same goes with if it’s a movie title, etc. Can’t be a better and easy way to surpass your contemporaries on the leader board. 

How To Play ‘Hi – 5’s?

Playing Hi – 5 game is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is ‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up for FREE' in case you haven’t on Bollymints, click on the Hi – 5 game thumbnail you wish to play and get started by guessing the celeb name or movie title by following the five clues. Once you have finished entering the answer click on the ‘Submit’ button if it's correct you’ll get a confirmation of your answer, Mints and time taken and if incorrect you get a message displayed across your game. It is always advisable to read the rules carefully by clicking on the ‘How To Play Hi - 5’ button displayed on the main game page pop up before getting started. 

How Does A ‘Hi - 5’ Work? 

The Hi – 5 game too is based on a certain algorithm offering users playing levels such as – Easy, Medium & Tough. Each Hi – 5 game or puzzle has been designed carefully with a lot of thought. A Hi – 5 game may look simple but requires skill to crack it which will in return help you earn crucial Mints. Cracking a Hi – 5 game doesn’t just test your Bollywood IQ and memory but also your spelling power. Try going for it and you’ll realize what we mean.

Tips To Play ‘Hi - 5’

Playing Hi – 5’s is a good way to warm up before playing other big games. If you have been following Bollywood for some time, things might get a bit easier in quickly guessing and answering the correct movie titles and celeb names. The 3 tips that we would like to share with you is:

1.    Do quick initial research after reading the topic or the title of the Hi – 5 game you wish to play before getting started

2.    Keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings in Bollywood and its people

3.    Try to get as many correct answers as possible rather than saving on time. Focus on the Hi – 5 game to crack the correct answer within minimum clues. 

Each game you play may not last more than a couple of minutes, but the Mints that your score from every Hi – 5 game can quickly change things for you, which is one of the things that makes it so much fun!

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