The ‘Quiz of the Week’ page is tailored to set the tone for the week for all you Bollywood buffs who want to start their week on a positive and winning note. Many of us find ourselves hard-pressed for something to do then try the mundane stuff that most apps offer. We have already spent the weekend binge-watching some of our favourite Bollywood movies and catch up with all that happened in the past week in the Hindi film industry. In order to get you off your routine rigmarole, we have come up with this game which is sure to work as a tonic for the entire week besides the other exciting puzzle games we offer.

One For All And All For One

All the Bollywood fun games that we offer have been designed for just about anyone regardless of their age, gender, or interests there are bound to be something that they like. The one common factor that binds all of us is the love and passion for Bollywood or should we say Hindi films. Each game or puzzle is designed after a lot of study and research by us, which moreover will serve as a stress buster for anyone who has been having a tough time amidst the ups and downs of work or even life in general. And for those who want to win and be rewarded for their skill and effort and not just luck.

So, What Exactly Is ‘Quiz of The Week’? 

Like any other Bollywood Quizzes or Bollywood Quiz games, QOTW too happens to be a type of specialized quiz which tests your knowledge of Bollywood movies and their people. QOTW offers specific theme-based quizzes which comprise a set of questions. For example, if we come up with an ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ special quiz, then we ask you specific questions related to the superstar’s career and films or if we want to gauge how good are you with the genre-based theme we would throw open a quiz title like – ‘How Well Do You Know Bollywood Action Movies’, then we’ll ask you a set of questions related to the action movies that have been released in the past or over the years. We also do have some popular Bollywood movie quizzes which have completed a landmark, for example, ’20 Glorious Years of Lagaan’, so we quiz you on Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’ movie. To sum it up it's not that tough but at the same time not that easy either. You can find exclusive as well as generic quizzes posted by us week after week on specific themes and news related to Bollywood events, trends, controversies, movies or celebrities, etc. A good chance to grab quick Mints and top or climb up the leader board every week.

How To Play ‘The Quiz of The Week’?

Though we have mention how to play QOTW on the page where you can click on the button and read the rules displayed in the pop-up. Playing QOTW is simple, all you need to do is ‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up for FREE' in case you haven’t, click on the thumbnail you wish to play and get started by answering the questions that get displayed one after the other by clicking on one of the options given below. Each page and question as mentioned earlier has been developed with your best interest in mind with a compilation of a series of both generic and Bollywood-related games. Once you have finished click on the ‘Submit’ button and check your score. In case the QOTW carries a prize or reward, the answers will be displayed later. So, read the rules, and ‘How To Play QOTW’ pop up before getting started on any game.

How Does ‘Quiz of The Week’ Work? 

Well, let’s just say that QOTW provides one with an ample opportunity to climb up the leader board each week and snatch quick Mints. It works the simple way where a question is displayed along with four options of which you have to choose the one that you think is right. You are likely to get some text-based questions as well as image-based questions where you need to identify and then opt for the right answer. Upon submission of the quiz game, you’ll be directed to the result page which displays the list of your correct as well as wrong answers, if any, along with the time taken. Remember there are no negative Mints and sharing the game can help you in the long run.

Tips To Play ‘Quiz of The Week’

Playing QOTW requires no special talent or skill but only to stay focused and believe in yourself. The 3 tips that we would like to share with you is:

1.    Do a quick initial research on the topic or the title of the QOTW you wish to play. Brush up your knowledge before getting started on the game as it’ll help you for sure

2.    Keep yourself updated on the happenings in and around Bollywood and its people because you never know which piece of information or news will come in handy

3.    Try to get as many answers correct as possible rather than keeping a watch on the time and saving crucial seconds. Getting all answers correct and maxing the game is more important than losing out on crucial Mints for answers that you knew 

What more are you waiting for? Get started with your quiz of the week, as you contend with your friends and family on the leader board!

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