Do you remember your school days when your maths notebook pages used to have vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other by forming little squares? Ever wondered why only your maths notebook had such a format? Well, the answer is simple because they made writing and solving math problems easier while keeping the pages organized. Our Grids games are very similar to this which comprises rows and columns to form cells. To begin with, these cells are unlike the Crosswords games cells which are empty and you need to fill them after reading the clues one after another.

The grids game is a touch different from our Crosswords games where each cell is primarily pre-filled with an alphabet or number which are easily visible to our users. To learn and understand more about the grid games and how to make the most of them let’s get deeper into it.

What is a Grid game?

Each Grid game appears after you click on the thumbnail on the landing page. A Grid game is created and posted on a certain theme which will comprise a list of Bollywood movie titles or celebrity names that you need to guess and spot in the grid you intend to play. Based on the theme you may have to recollect or spot the answers hidden in the stack of the grid game that’ll either be horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or crisscross displayed.

If you have an eye for detail or are quick to spot the answers then guessing them may not be that tough. Once you’ve managed to identify an answer in the grid you can simply click on the related alphabets or numbers one by one to form the correct answer. To verify whether your answer is correct or not you can check the right-side space or panel where your answer will appear as and when you click on them one by one. The appearance of your answers may not necessarily be in chronological order but as and when you identify and click on them. The number of entries that you need to identify in the grid will be displayed at the bottom of the grid in order to keep track of how many you’ve got correctly and how many remain. All this may seem a bit easy but each level is well thought of and created.

For e.g.: A grid game could be – Identify the movies which featured Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol together? So, you need to find and spot the movie titles in the grid that featured Shah Rukh Khan with Kajol. The sooner you spot all the movies the more Mints you earn as there are no negative Mints involved. You can even make a list of the expected answers in your mind or by surfing the net before getting started on a grid game to save time.

Types of Grid Games

Besides having three levels of Easy, Medium & Tough games, the Grid games for Bollywood movies is what you can start off with to get a feel of things. If one would ask what are the types of Grids games we have lined up for you then all we would say is that we have Grid games for Bollywood celebrities followed by Grid games for Bollywood Actors and Grid games for Bollywood Actresses. We also have some games connected to Bollywood events which necessary may not be Bollywood celebrity Grid games but random ones. We also do plan to have Bollywood Actors Grid games along with Bollywood Actresses Grid games to make your gaming experience better and more interesting.

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