In other games on our website weren’t to your liking, then don’t worry, we have also catered something for each one of our users. If you found some of our Bollywood quiz games tough to play then the best way to get started on earning Mints is Mixed Bag. You can always try some of these simple as well as not so simple questions with four options to choose the right answer and get a hang of things before trying our other games and ...

puzzles. At times we need some sort of initial boosters before setting up ourselves for bigger things and Mixed Bag is just the perfect setup to get started with. This can also be one of the Bollywood fun games that you have played before with a straight and simple funda of reading a question with four options to choose from and coming up with the right answer.

Handy Mints To Get Started In A Jiffy

 In order to get started in a jiffy without wracking your brains and understanding the functionality of a game, Mixed Bag is all that you need – a simple and straight-forward game that is easy in every sense but demands a bit of smartness to grab easy Mints because we believe nothing comes easy in life. Here’s your chance to make the most of these Bollywood fun games and other similar puzzles or brainteasers we offer you. Mixed Bag can truly be the starting point for many of our users who may find other games a bit hard but to give them the confidence and a glimpse of what is in store for them, this could be the ideal launchpad for opening their score. Remember, Mints earned here can come in handy while topping the leader board, so don’t take any game lightly.

What Is ‘Mixed Bag?

Unlike any other Bollywood trivia quizzes and Bollywood quiz games online, Mixed Bag is for beginners who want to begin in an uncomplicated way without any strings attached. Users with bare minimum Hindi movie knowledge can treat this game as a starting point where Bollywood-related questions will come up one after the other in a random way with each question having four options to choose from. After reading the question you need to click on the correct or the most appropriate answer. Upon clicking the answer, the next question will be displayed automatically. You can keep answering as many questions as you can till you feel confident of moving to the next game.

How To Play ‘Mixed Bag’?

Mixed Bag is the simplest of the games. First and foremost, ‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up for FREE' in case you haven’t on, click on the Mixed Bag header tab and you will be directed to the landing page of it. Click on the ‘Start’ button and you’ll start getting questions one by one. On clicking the right answer option, it will turn green but in case your answer is wrong your chosen option will turn red and the right answer option will turn green. You can leave Mixed Bag anytime you wish and come back to it whenever you feel like it. However, it’s advisable to read the ‘How To Play Mixed Bag’ rules displayed on the main game page pop-up before getting started. 

How Does ‘Mixed Bag’ Work? 

Mixed Bag doesn’t have any playing levels. It’s quite similar to ‘Quiz of The Week’ where you have a question with four options to choose from. Unlike QOTW, here you have the liberty to play at will and earn some crucial Mints.  

Tips To Play ‘Mixed Bag

Frankly speaking, you don’t need any tips to play Mixed Bag. It's all fun and warm-up before getting on to the bigger games.

Press the pedal on the accelerator and begin your ‘Baazi’ right away! You are all set to have an experience of a lifetime that could as well be a gamechanger. Because as they say – ‘Jo Darr Gaya Samjho Marr Gaya’!!!


Mixed Bag   

How To Play 'Mixed Bag'?

  • Click on the ‘Start’ button to play ‘Mixed Bag’
  • In ‘Mixed Bag’ questions will appear one after another with multiple options to choose the right answer from
  • The right answer will be denoted by a green colour whereas the wrong answer will be denoted in red
  • Every correct answer will fetch you 5 Mints whereas a wrong answer will fetch no Mints
  • On completion of the questions your earned Mints and time taken will be added to your final score
  • You can play ‘Mixed Bag’ and attempt as many questions as you like and leave them midway to play them later anytime