As kids, many of us were given games that consisted of pieces of blocks of a famous cartoon character that we had to assemble and come up with the right frame. This game was often given to check our aptitude as a child and to keep us busy. If fixing jumbled pictures of a different type still interests you which in return will help you win then we have just the right game for you. Our Pix - Fix game by no means is kids play, it not just challenges you but also helps build on your reasoning power and reflexes.

What is a Pix - Fix Game?

Pix - Fix in easy terms is solving a given image or picture or in other words, unscrambling an image that is in jumbled format with a tweak. The tweak can be termed as Bollywood celebrity picture jumble games which is nothing but fixing the jumbled pieces accordingly to form a perfect picture. You might have played many Bollywood celebrity picture puzzle games while surfing the net but how many of them really tested your knowledge of Bollywood? The Pix - Fix games that we offer are Bollywood celebrity picture quiz games with different levels to choose from that not just put your Bollywood knowledge to test but also how fast you are in fixing a Bollywood picture jumble.

Types of Pix - Fix Games

As most of our brainteasers and puzzle games, Pix - Fix too is challenging and interesting. To begin with we have three levels of Pix - Fix games which are Easy, Medium, and Tough. An Easy game will comprise the least number of pieces of a picture while a Medium will have a little more than the Easy level and a Tough will have the maximum number of pieces to make things harder for you. These games in simpler terms can also be labelled as Bollywood actor’s picture jumble games or Bollywood actress's picture puzzle games. Besides this, you could also get a poster image to assemble or a general image related to Bollywood which you’ll need to fix.

Bollywood actor's picture quiz games can be fun because fixing all the pieces correctly of a picture within the given stipulated time not just doubles your Mints but also gives a sense of joy and satisfaction. Though incomplete or unsolved pictures won’t fetch any Mints but a bit of planning and anticipation is the key to maximizing a Pix - Fix game in no time.

Many skip this game thinking it to be kid-stuff but try solving one and you are hooked for sure. In fact, getting your children to play also can come in handy but all you need to keep in mind is the time factor which may be crucial if you are planning to redeem anything later. After all, we have kept the end-users in mind to give them as much variety of puzzles and brainteasers that they can enjoy so that they don’t get bored and make each game a part of their daily routine.

So, look no further and make Pix - Fix a part of your gaming armour that’ll help you earn as many Mints as possible.

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