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Attack: Part 1
Release Date
01 Apr 2022
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2 hrs 4 mins
Synopsis :

Attack is an action thriller that showcases and forecasts how a nation will be fighting wars and diffusing future attacks based on the basis of technology. To avert and avoid future terror attacks India builds its own artificial intelligent super soldier in the form of a man-machine who is ready and ordered to combat the rampant terror attacks plagued internally as well as externally. The idea to execute this plan narrows down to a soldier (John Abraham) who has lost everything and beholds nothing greater than serving and saving his nation. Finally, the arrival of the lean mean killing machine ushers in a new revolution that has only been thought of but never executed or witnessed.

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Star Cast
JA Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Ajay Kapoor Productions Pvt. Ltd., Pen Studios
Domestic Box Office Collection (Crores INR)