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Bolo Hau: Say Yes To Love!

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Release Date : 15 January 2021
Genre : Romantic, Comedy, Family, Drama
Certification : U
Runtime : 1 hrs 57 mins
Synopsis :

Bolo Hau is a romantic comedy set in the vibrant town of Hyderabad which narrates the story of Salman (Ankit Rathi), son of a small-time antique dealer who meets Rukhsar (Jahnavi Dhanrajgir), born to a family of nawabs, at a common friend’s wedding and fall in love with each other. Things are hunky-dory for the young couple until Rukhsar’s parents decide to get her married to a rather middle-aged man named Gullu Dada. Things take a u-turn when Salman gets to know about Rukhsar’s marriage and how she has been kept under house arrest. Salman decides to rescue his love as the proceedings seamlessly turn into an intense drama culminating into a dramatic climax.

Star Cast : Jahnavi Dhanrajgir, Ankit Rathi, Preeti Nigam, Adnan Sajid Khan (Gullu Dada)
Banner : Dhanrajgir Productions
Producer : Tej D.
Director : Tarun Dhanrajgir
Story : Abid Shah, Tarun Dhanrajgir
Screenplay : Abid Shah, Tarun Dhanrajgir
Dialogues : Tarun Dhanrajgir, Abid Shah
Music : Abid Shah
Lyrics : Abid Shah
Playback Singers : Rakesh Pandit, Raja Pandit, Raja Mushtaq, Sujata Patva, Madhavi Srivastav, Bhoomi Trivedi (Bhumi Trivedi), Mohammed Irfan, Adnan Sajid Khan (Gullu Dada), Pradeep Pandit
Cinematographer : Thota V. Ramana
Editor : Jahnavi Dhanrajgir
Choreographer : Master Annaraj
Action :
Sound :
Production Designer :
Domestic Box Office Collection (Crores INR) :