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Kabaad: The Coin
Release Date
13 Feb 2021
2 hrs 12 mins
Synopsis :

Kabaad: The Coin is a romantic thriller about a poor boy named Bandhan (Vivaan Shah), who lives in a small chawl of Mumbai and does odd jobs for a living. Bandhan one day finds a bag full of antique black coins that the Mumbai police and underworld have been searching for. Bandhan meets a high society girl Roma (Zoya Afroz) whom he helps and eventually falls in love with. To appease Roma, he gifts her a gold coin which accidentally comes in the hand of Roma’s boyfriend Sam who in return asks her to get more coins from Bandhan. While trying to con Bandhan, Roma too falls in love with him. How the narration takes a twist and how things go haywire thereafter forms the remaining part of the story.

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