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Release Date : 29 January 2021
Genre : Social, Drama
Certification : U
Runtime : 1 hrs 54 mins
Synopsis :

Star Cast : Kritika Singh, Sharadraj Singh, Brijeshwar Singh, Jaiprakash Singh, Shiva Suryavanshi, Sheetal Singh, Gagan Pradeep, Manveer Choudhary, Chandra Bhushan Singh
Banner : Purushottam Studios
Producer : Rohini L. B. Singh
Director : Aditya Om
Story : Shiva Suryavanshi
Screenplay : Shiva Suryavanshi, Aditya Om
Dialogues : Shiva Suryavanshi, Aditya Om
Music : Veeral (Lavan - Veeral), Lavan (Lavan - Veeral)
Lyrics :
Playback Singers :
Cinematographer : Shrikant Asati
Editor : Prakash Jha (Editor)
Choreographer :
Action :
Sound : Akshay Bragta, Ravi (Ravi Utwal) (Sound)
Production Designer :
Domestic Box Office Collection (Crores INR) :