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Rashmi Rocket
Release Date
15 Oct 2021
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2 hrs 8 mins
Synopsis :

Rashmi Rocket is a sports drama inspired by the story of athlete Dutee Chand, India’s National record-holder in 100 m, and India’s Commonwealth and Asian Games champion. The story is about Rashmi (Taapsee Pannu), a small-town girl from Gujarat who goes on to become a National-level athlete and later gets tagged for being non-conventionally feminine while her achievements, medals, fame, all are snatched away in seconds accusing her of lying about her gender and competing in women's games. What follows is a slew of archaic gender testings by specialists to ascertain whether she is a woman or not. A ban on her is imposed while mudslinging and negative public opinion lead Rashmi to go to court to prove her femineity and fight against all odds to made a comeback to earn back her respect in the sport. 

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