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Ab Ye Galtiyan Na Ho

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Release Date : 26 March 2021
Genre : Romantic, Action, Drama
Certification : U/A
Runtime : 1 hrs 57 mins
Synopsis :

Ab Ye Galtiyan Na Ho is a romantic action drama revolving around an innocent villager, Akash who falls in love with Priyanka in college but gets arrested on false charges by Priyanka's father Shekhawat when he runs away with Priyanka. Priyanka tries to meet Akash after his release, Shekhawat gets informed of this and plans to teach a lesson to Akash again. Will Akash escape or retaliate to Shekhawat this time?

Star Cast : Sunil Pal, Harry Josh (Harry Jose), Shahbaaz Khan (Shahbaz Khan), Anupam Prakash, Gauri Wankhede, Vinod Dulganch, Mushtaq Khan (Mushtaque Khan)
Banner : V & V Entertainment
Producer : Vinod Dulganch
Director : Masum Ali (Masoom Ali)
Story : Jitendra Kumar (Jeetendra Kumar)
Screenplay : Jitendra Kumar (Jeetendra Kumar)
Dialogues :
Music : Gaurav - Sandeep, Mukesh Verma
Lyrics : Sanjeev Srivastava
Playback Singers : Pooja Giri (Singer), Sandeep Jaiswal
Cinematographer : Azhar Shaikh
Editor : Ajay Singh (Editor)
Choreographer : Yatin Pawar
Action : Javed R. Shaikh
Sound :
Production Designer :
Domestic Box Office Collection (Crores INR) :