10 Celebs Who Starred In Movies Titled After Their Names

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Posted On: 20 May 2020 | Last Updated: 20 Aug 2021

Zeroing in on a movie title at times can be tough as well as easy. Deciding upon an apt movie title is an integral part of filmmaking, identity, branding and promotion. Filmmakers constantly lookout for interesting and catchy titles for their movies, which not only justify their storylines but also have recall value. In the age of biopics, remakes and sequels, titles are often borrowed from yesteryear movies or songs in order to capture the imagination or grab the attention of moviegoers. However, at the end of it all, it is the script, direction and overall star performances that decide a movie's success or failure at the box-office. Going by titles many times filmmakers opt for tentative or working titles, which are either changed or retained for some reason before the release of the film. Some titles in the past consisted of real-life star names in it either for the reason that the makers could not find a suitable title or kept it to retain its star value. How many of us can recall Bollywood movie titles, which were named after actors or actresses who also starred or featured in them? Well, here we have listed 10 such actors / actresses or stars who starred in movies titled after their names. 

(Note: We haven’t considered biopics made on Bollywood celebs and movie titles like 'Dharam-Veer', 'Shamitabh' and 'Bol Bachchan' which featured Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan, respectively which could or could not have qualified in this list but preferred to keep it rather simple and straight.)

1. Nargis – Nargis (1946)

This 1946 social drama had Nargis playing the titular role, which was one of her initial releases as a female lead after the successful 'Humayun' (1945) and 'Taqdeer' (1943). The film also could qualify as the first film where a popular actress happens to star in a movie titled after her real name. Directed by D.D. Kashyap, the film also starred David, Rehman and Alka Achrekar. The film is remembered for some of its memorable songs sung by Amirbai Karnataki, which included Aa Ankhon Mein Aa, Mai Kaise Kahoon Tumse, Mile Sahara Koi Re, Roti Ankhon Mein Teri Yaad, etc.

Nargis (1946)

2. Madhubala - Madhubala (1950)

Actress Madhubala who is considered the epitome of beauty of the Indian silver screen had acted in a movie named after her which released in 1950. Riding high on the success of Kamal Amrohi’s Mahal in 1949, she became a big star while working with all the major male leads of that era. Madhubala was a social family drama directed by Prahlad Dutt and had Dev Anand romancing Madhubala in it. The supporting star cast included Ram Avtar, Banke Bihari, Jeevan, Randhir and Ramesh Thakur. Music was by Lachhiram Tamar and lyrics by Rajinder Krishan who composed the famous Talat Mehmood & Shamshad Begum duet Jawaani Ke Zamaane Mein.

Madhubala (1950)

3. Johnny Walker - Johnny Walker (1957)

Actor and comedian Johnny Walker too played the lead in a movie titled after his real-life screen name – Johnny Walker. Co-starring Shyama, Raj Mehra, Dulari, Sheela Vaz, Johnny Walker which released in 1957 was directed by Daljit Ved and Madan and revolved around an unemployed drunkard who is famous by his nickname Johnny Walker. He tries various ways to seek a job but ends up getting arrested for violating prohibition legislation. The movie was reportedly made to capitalize on the popularity of the actor and his unique way of performing on screen, which evoked laughter among the audiences.

Johnny Walker (1957)

4. Dara Singh - Dara Singh (1964)

If at all there was a name that had to feature in the top 10 Bollywood movie titles after the celebs name, it had to be that of Rustom-E-Hind Dara Singh who had played the lead in a movie named after his real name Dara Singh in 1964. The wrestler turned actor was known for his action-adventure dramas which were huge hits in the 60s. Directed by Kedar Kapoor, the movie had Dara Singh playing the titular role of a simple and strong villager who stays with his family while making a living by cutting and selling wood. A series of unfortunate incidents and misunderstandings lead to him seeking revenge for his family. The film also starred Nishi, Jeevan, Tiwari, Tabassum, Salim Khan, Mohan Choti, Tun Tun, and Madhumati.

Dara Singh (1964)

5. I.S. Johar & Mehmood - Johar Mehmood in Goa (1965)/Johar in Bombay (1967)/Johar Mehmood in Hong

Not one but three films were titled after the famous actor comedians who ruled the box-office with their flawless comic timing – I.S. Johar and Mehmood. Johar Mehmood in Goa featuring I.S. Johar and Mehmood released in 1965 and was produced by G.P. Sippy and directed by I.S. Johar himself. The success of the film was followed by Johar in Bombay, Mera Naam Johar in 1967, Johar in Kashmir in 1966 and then Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong in 1971, which had a ‘Tom & Jerry’ sort of theme where both try to outsmart each other while playing conmen. The combination of Johar and Mehmood spelled magic on the silver screen and continues to cast a spell on movie lovers to date.

Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong (1971)

6. Poonam Dhillon - Poonam (1981)

Harmesh Malhotra’s Poonam released in 1981 had Poonam Dhillon playing the titular role retaining her real name while Raj Babbar played the male lead. Though the movie faired moderately well at the box-office, it was a decent watch those days with Anu Malik providing some hummable gems. Poonam Dhillon who slowly and steadily was climbing the ladder of popularity might as well look back proudly for having a movie title in her filmography named after her and featuring in it.

Poonam (1981)

7. Sunny Deol - Sunny (1984)

Who can forget Sunny Deol's Sunny which is also a Hindi movie title after the celebs name. This movie directed by Raj Khosla also starred Amrita Singh, Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, and Waheeda Rehman in the main cast. The third release of Sunny Deol after the mega-successes of Betaab in 1983 and Sohni Mahiwal in 1984, the film had the actor having the same name in real life as well as reel life. The movie also saw real-life father Dharmendra playing on-screen father to Sunny Deol. Though the movie turned a turkey at the box-office R.D. Burman’s songs continue to be liked by music lovers to date which included – Jaane Kya Baat Hai, Aur Kya Ahd-E-Wafa Hote Hai, Teri Yaad Tera Naam, etc.

Sunny (1984)

8. Salma Agha - Salma (1985)

A Muslim romantic musical saga by Ramanand Sagar, which released in 1985. Salma had the then-popular Pakistani actress Salma Agha playing the titular role while Raj Babbar and Farooque Shaikh played the male leads. A love triangle of sorts, Salma had some good music by Bappi Lahiri, which included songs like Zindagi Tere Dar Pe, Aye Mere Mehboob, Tarasti Hai Deedar Ko, etc. sung by who else, but Salma Agha. The movie despite having commendable performances failed to succeed at the box-office but remains one of Salma Agha’s most memorable performances.

Salma (1985)

9. Govinda - Naach Govinda Naach (1992)

This lesser-known movie starring Govinda in the lead was released in 1992 after much delay in the making. The movie was launched keeping Govinda’s dancing star image in mind. The story was about Govinda, an aspiring dancer who lives with his poor mother and gets a chance to compete with Rocky, another famous dancer in the city. The film had some decent tracks by music duo Amar - Utpal while the remaining cast included Mandakini, Aruna Irani, Raj Kiran, Johnny Lever, Anjana Mumtaz and Mayur.

Naach Govinda Naach (1992)

10. Shah Rukh Khan - Shahrukh Bola “Khoobsurat Hai Tu” (2010)

This Makrand Deshpande directorial also figures among the top 10 movie titles named after celebs had a cameo by Shah Rukh Khan in the film that revolved around a young girl who sells flowers by the roadside to make a living and is one of the biggest fans of the star. She believes that one day she’ll meet her matinee idol and play his heroine on screen. Besides Shah Rukh Khan, the film starred Preetika Chawla, Afzal Khan, Kay Kay Menon, Nagesh Bhonsle, and Makrand Deshpande.

Shahrukh Bola “Khoobsurat Hai Tu” (2010)